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First Two Days in Hong Kong

First Two Days in Hong Kong

"Hong Kong is an amazing city. We have been here now two complete days and the beauty of the landscape still takes my breath away. Having lived in Honolulu for three years, I see many similarities between the two cities but the breadth and scope of Hong Kong is overwhelming. Obviously it is endless what one can do here but I will just mention a few highlights that will remain with me.

The first night we arrived I managed to take a ferry across the harbor and see the light show, which is a nightly occurrence. Pictures cannot possibly capture the feeling of observing this it is so visceral. Following this with an authentic Chinese meal seemed like the perfect ending to a day of travel from Singapore.

The next day was a free day and after practicing I spent it hiking around Victoria Peak, which is the highest point in Hong Kong. One takes a ferry, to a bus, and then a tram which at one point feels almost vertical as you climb to 1800 feet. It is true that Hong Kong is a city of views and luckily the weather was in our favor. Terrific scenery in all directions from the top was the reward! There is also an hour long hike one can take around the perimeter of the peak which gave excellent views of the harbor and the surrounding islands and a work out to boot!

I have found touring with the Philharmonic for 7 years now that the key to a successful tour is balancing work with jet lag and a little bit of sightseeing. As an oboist I must always think of reeds and the different climates they are exposed to. This makes for constant adjusting and the making of new reeds for places that are quite different in climate from Los Angeles. This does make for a limited amount of time that I do have for sightseeing but since the focus of our touring is performing good concerts, being a tourist should be on a very limited basis. Our concerts on this Asian tour have been very good with extremely appreciative audiences. Particularly in Tokyo where they were still applauding as we left the stage after many curtain calls! This being my first trip to Asia I must say the tour has been an experience of a lifetime for me."