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Post-tour Motorcycle Ride

Post-tour Motorcycle Ride

It's 2AM. The concerts are finished, my friends and I are back from our end of tour celebrations, and with the exception of the flight home at "half past too early", the tour is over...

But what did the first bassoon player do on the last day of tour?

Well, one of my passions is motorcycling. My best riding buddy is Alan Baer, the Principal Tubist of the New York Phil. Anytime we're within two time zones of each other it's mandatory that we get together for a ride. I've ridden with Al in most of the U.S. states (including a 17 day, 8000 mile trip to Alaska last summer), a few Canadian Provinces... and South America is next on the agenda. So, as the tour came to a close and with enough performances in this climate zone under my belt to feel confident I knew how my reeds would respond tonight, I was relaxed enough to get together with Al for a ride.

"Nuff said... look at the pics.