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The Grand Finale: A Box-Office Hit in Boston!

The Grand Finale: A Box-Office Hit in Boston!

Gustavo Dudamel makes his signature salute to the orchestra after Sunday's finale.

Despite coming down with a severe flu over the weekend, the LA Phil's Music Director Gustavo Dudamel soldiered on Sunday, leading the orchestra in a glorious final performance to a sold-out crowd inside Boston's Symphony Hall. Friends of the Phil in attendance included composer John Corigiliano, whose Symphony No. 1 was paired with Tchaikovsky's Fifth, and Classical KUSC's Brian Lauritzen, whose new series "Inside the Music" comes to Walt Disney Concert Hall this fall.

Lauritzen's colorful live-tweeting helped capture the excited swirl of activity surrounding the Hall pre- and post-concert:

The concert was part of the Boston Symphony Orchestra's 75th Celebrity Series.

The LA Phil truck makes its last stop outside Boston's Symphony Hall.

Use your legs! The heavy lifting leading up to the symphonic fireworks.

Preparing for the orchestra's final rehearsal.

A "cover" conductor takes the stand so Gustavo can sound check from the audience.

The stage is set before Sunday's concert. (Musical mastery ensues.)

There's a lot more to come from the Phil's 2014 North American Tour files, so stay tuned!