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Hong Kong

Like coming back home

Coming to Hong Kong for me has been a bit like coming back home. You see, I lived in Hong Kong for a year from September 2002 to September 2003. The Philharmonic granted me a year’s leave to move to Hong Kong with my husband, an architect for Walt Disney Imagineering. Toby was working on the building of Hong Kong Disneyland during that time. So many memories came flooding back to me as I looked across the harbor to the skyline of Hong Kong Island. It was a precious moment for me. I have been attempting to visit all the places I loved to go to and it has been so great to see friends again that I made while living here. Before coming I put together a list of my “must see picks” for my colleagues. It is good to know that it came in handy for many of them; especially my recommendation for a tailor to see whose shop was quite close to the hotel we have been staying in HK. I hope that the orchestra comes back many more times to Hong Kong. It is a most amazing city.

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First Two Days in Hong Kong

"Hong Kong is an amazing city. We have been here now two complete days and the beauty of the landscape still takes my breath away. Having lived in Honolulu for three years, I see many similarities between the two cities but the breadth and scope of Hong Kong is overwhelming. Obviously it is endless what one can do here but I will just mention a few highlights that will remain with me.

The first night we arrived I managed to take a ferry across the harbor and see the light show, which is a nightly occurrence. Pictures cannot possibly capture the feeling of observing this it is so visceral. Following this with an authentic Chinese meal seemed like the perfect ending to a day of travel from Singapore.

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