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Memories of Concerts Past

<p>As I sit here backstage at NJPAC before our penultimate concert of this exhilarating tour, I remember the last time I was here, 7 years ago, playing alone on the stage for Zubin Mehta when the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra was on tour – that was the very night I picked the very violin I am currently playing on…</p>

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Playing New Jersey

We are almost at the end of our tour so you would think that an hour bus ride in rush hour traffic to New Jersey would be a bit trying. Not so, because our “old friends” at NJPAC always make us feel so welcome. Upon arrival, we were greeted backstage with warmth, excitement, and a sumptuous meal in the orchestra lounge.

We have experienced a jubilant audience response at the end of every concert on this tour and the Newark audience was no exception. For those of us on stage who have just poured our hearts out – and that includes Maestro Dudamel – finding the audience on their collective feet, cheering loudly is music to OUR ears. We all went home content and fulfilled. Thank you NJPAC!

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Photos: Runout to New Jersey