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Reflections from NYC

Icelandic composer Daníel Bjarnason.

I lived in New York on-and-off back in 2007-2008. I had such a great time there, and I really love the city. I went to Avery Fisher Hall every now and again, and one of those times was actually to see and hear the LA Phil. They were touring with Esa-Pekka, and I was extremely impressed. Never did I think that I would be a part of an LA Phil tour only a few years later. So the concert last Monday had special poignancy for me. I am so grateful to everyone at the LA Phil for showing me the trust of taking Blow bright on tour. Working with Gustavo and the orchestra has been such a joy, and I was thrilled to join them in New York.

I wish the orchestra and Gustavo great success for the rest of the tour. See you in LA!

- Daníel

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Making Technicolor Waves Across North America

Gustavo Dudamel making waves in the Boston Globe's Arts section.

The LA Phil has packed up for LA and the reviews are in! Our North American Tour was a tremendous success. But don't take it from us ...

The Boston Globe's Jeremy Eichler really enjoyed the Phil's final concert, as "Making Waves at Symphony Hall" details. Eichler also had this to say about our orchestra itself:

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Left Coast, Meet Right Coast

Concert crossroads: Signage captured en route from NYC to D.C.

It's a wrap for us in New York! The LA Phil's Monday night performance inside Avery Fisher Hall marked a fitting end to our first East Coast engagement. So, before we set our sights squarely on the nation's capitol, here's a quick look into what made last night's Manhattan finale so grand:

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Our NYC Color Commentator: Yuja Wang

Yuja Wang in a black dress with the "irresistible" Gustavo Dudamel.

The resplendent gigantic truck of the LA Phil permeating an air of effulgence yet intimate familiarity, this tour has been a tantalizing teaser (I am only doing three cities) with the admirable onstage and adorable offstage, lovable musicians and fun efficient staff. Only one more to go in my hometown on an Irish-green day, as for the irresistible Maestro, only two words: never enough.

Looking forward to July at the Bowl, birth place of my orange dress. ;)

- Yuja

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The LA Phil Plays Lincoln Center! (Part One)

Composer John Corigliano and Gustavo Dudamel offstage after Symphony No. 1.

The standing ovation following the LA Phil's Sunday afternoon concert was not the orchestra's first 2014 tour triumph, but it was our first (so far!) at New York's City's hallowed Lincoln Center.

As part of that great institution's "Great Performers" series, Gustavo Dudamel led the LA Phil in another moving performance of John Corigliano's First Symphony and a masterfully restrained take on Tchaikovsky's Fifth. (Cue the thundering applause.)

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TimesTalks: Gustavo Dudamel & John Adams

We just made it to the Big Apple! Our first order of business was a "TimesTalks" event led by New York Times classical music reporter Michael Cooper with Gustavo Dudamel and John Adams.

The LA Phil's performances are Sunday and Monday at Avery Fisher Hall.

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North America, Here We Come!

CNN may have just declared our very own Gehryland "one of the world's 15 most beautiful concert halls," but Gustavo Dudamel, the orchestra and a merry band of artists, crew members, sound engineers and big-time management staff are currently gearing up to leave Walt Disney Concert Hall in the dust ... The LA Phil hits the road early next week to kick off our 2014 North American Tour!

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